The following sites are all owned by the same scammers
(I'm sure there's many more, I just haven't found them yet)

They are fraudsters, beware!

I placed a trial order with after numerous emails answering my enquiries and lo and behold, what should arrive but three 128Gb Kingston Data Traveler 310s, nothing anywhere near close to what I ordered, and all 100% FAKE too by the way. I've reported them to Kingston for supplying counterfeit memory so hopefully they'll do something about them.

If you ever see the names, Tony Bin, Dany Han, Xiao Qiang or ChangDa Liao run a million miles and report them immediately to sites like this one.

There are many honourable and genuine wholesalers/suppliers in China, but you must be wary of idiots like these who are just out to scam you. There's an old saying, "You reap what you sow" and they will surely reap what they are sowing. And you can guarantee they'll be whingeing and carrying on about how things are so unfair when it finally catches up with them :P

The only way these turkeys can be stopped, or at the least to minimise their fraudulent activity, is by our due diligence and proactivity.

I've traced their domains and websites and have reported them to their domain name registrar and their webhost and any site such as this one I can find. I've also taken action through my bank as money was paid via Telegraphic Transfer to the Bank of China. Maybe there's a small chance they'll be blacklisted in future.

Check this out, it's a site called Fraud Watchers, it has some useful info. Wish I found it sooner :P

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