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Like many others complaining about Namaste Consulting Group, I was also scammed.Paid $500 for a website & a further $200 for affiliate link to Amazon. The pitch is that Namaste is represemting GLOBAL MERCHANT ACCOUNTS EMPORIUM who is looking for affiliate agents to sell credit card processing and that the website they build for me will be #1 Google or money back. I was in fact #1 on Google for about a minute as long as I typed in the exact url which was a ridiculous long tail name that no one would ever use as search criteria. After paying this money, I was harrassed by two different men one: Mike Tanner 602-714-8161
and the oter I don't remember. They tried to up sell me for thousands of dollars for blog entries to keep my site in #1 position. I realized as soon as these guys opened their mouths that I had been scammed but didn't know what to do about it.
I just got an email from "Amy" who says she represents Consumer Action Group who is a consumer advocacy group funded by the US Government and will get my money back if I pay $175.00 for postage...hmm. Having been scammed once, I sure don't want to fall for it again. Does anyone know of the organization When I googled it,it says it is based out of Melbourne Aus. so the US gov't is not likely to fund a Aus company. This is a red flag.
The email I rec'd from Amy described the scam and then said "If you believe you are a victim of Namastes scam or would like to seek a full refund please call Amy Clearwater at 480-436-3989. Monday Through Saturday 9:00 am - 7:00 PM"
Also this is only good until Nov 19th, another red flag...urgency.
She may be ligitimate but not sure. She says there will be criminal charges against Namaste and if I wait,there is risk that Namaste will use all the money to defend themselves and we will get nothing.
Has anyone else rec'd contact from this Consumer Action Group? OR
Amy Clearwater
Consumer Action

Would love to hear from you.
Thanks, Ba

Country: USA   State: Arizona   City: Phoenix   Zip: 85016
Address: 3440 N. 16th Street, Ste 10
Phone: 6232551034,6027148161

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