National fitness financial systems
Professional thief

Hi, I am warning everyone not to sign up for personal training at workout world. They reason why is because national fitness handle their financial system. I have a platinum membership at workout world. One day, a guy came to me and offered to give me a free session training. After the training, he was pushing me to sign up for sessions.the sessions is $40 a week once a week. I refused to sign up so I told him its too expensive.He was so eager for me to sign up. he said he would waive initial fee and other fees.then I can do 2 sessions for month for $ 80 and he would try to get me free sessions added to the ones that i am paying. I was so stupid I signep for it. he told me I can cancell anytime without paying any fee after 6 months even on a contract. When i started, the sessions was not what i expected. Its 30 minutes training and the trainer make u use the equipment at the gym instead of using your own body weight. so I told him i want to cancel he told me its not possible good luck on that.Then I decided to change my bank information so they would stop charging me. they sent me a letter that i owned them $ 275. I didnt want any trouble. I told them I would payed the money then they need to cancel definitely my contract. so I made a payment plan with them. They knew that i was cancelling before i even start paying. so every 2 weeks i payed $100 to paid off my balance. after i paid off they told me i owed them 2 more months .because it took me 2 months 2 paid off my balance. I was so upset. the customer service is horrible. they never told me they would keep charging me. they keep saying go look at your contract . I paid them an additional $ 160 for those 2 months. So my balance was 0.0. All I had to do its pay the cancellation fee which is $ 150. I paid it off . Then they called me and told me that I need to pay a 30 days notice fee after cancellation fee which is $80.Can you believe that people. These people are professional thieves. In total I payed $590 dollars. The customer service was rude on top of that telling me to go read my contract. National fitness should go down. they are worst than credit card company.

Offender: National fitness financial systems
Country: USA   State: Massachusetts   City: Randolph
Site: workout world

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