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I was a young girl aged 18 at the time, I met a young man named Mark Jacob who became a friend. I only knew him for a couple of months. Then one day in the evening he asked me could I open a contract phone for him, and do I have a passport I replied yes I possibly can. Mark explained that he would change it in his name, it is just so he can get a phone.

I had no idea anything about credit, and had never opened a contract phone in my life. Then when I met up with him he took me to four phone shops in one day Vodofone, T-Mobile, Orange, and Phoes4U. He asked me to open one contract phone for him on the phone, but when we went to Phones4U shop a sales advisor explained that it was also possible, that I could change the details in his name after three months. Mark Jacob took the phone and the contract that I signed in my signature, and even took the £200 cashback. I was doing a favour for him as he asked. But when he asked me to open another phone contract with him on the day, that is when I knew he was taking advantage then I took myself home, he expalined the phone would be for his aunty that works in Gatwick Aiport for Virgin Atlantic and he even promised me he would get me a job from his aunty, and a week before I gave him my c.v.

I remember Phones4U saying that, you could cancel the contract in 14 days time. As I was very upset at what Mark Jacob had asked me to take out another contract phone, I asked him to give me the phone and the contract, when I was on the phone to him. When I got advice from my nanny she said it is because he has bad credit that is why he asked you to take out the phone for him. And Mark Jacob refused to give me back the phone, and the signed contract.

He even changed his phone number, I went to his house to see if he was home but I got no answer when I came around. I realized when Mark Jacob did this, that I had been scammed.

I even went to the police station to report this, but they never helped me.

I told T-Mobile about the situation but they explained without the phone and contract, the could cancel the contract.

One day a young woman called me, and told me she was trying to get a hold of Mark Jacob and how she was scammed into opening a contract phone too.

I got letters sent to my house of unpaid bills for months on end from T-Mobile so Mark Jacob, was not paying any bills.

I had no alternative but to go to the Citizens Advice Burea and they just told me, to write a letter explaining to T-Mobile telling them I am a student and have been scammed. After a few months went by T-Mobile stopped sending me letters.

Now I know about credit, and ever since it has affected me trying to even get a contract phone myself and possibly even anything else that requires a contract or a credit check. It has ruined my life.

I signed up to a credit score company, and the T-Mobile contract around that period till this very day, is still on my file and active. The credit score company I signed up to is called checkmyfile.com, and I filed this information about that this should be taken off, and they did not help me.

Can you please help me clear this off of my file?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Your sincerely


Country: USA   State: New Mexico   City: Albuquerque   Zip: 87176
Address: Executive Customer Relations, P.O. Box 37380
Phone: 8008662453,4253784000
Site: www.tmobile.com

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