I Products International

We were contacted by telephone in regards to an Investment Programme which had to do with horse betting. To start with you had to buy a license which we were told there were only 200 licenses available in each state of Australia. I know some people were scammed out of $8800. We said we could only afford to invest $4400 and they agreed to start us on this. After a few months we realised their statistical formula which was supposed to predict which horses would come in at a place in a race was not worth a cent. I feel very sorry for the people who lost a much larger amount of money than us. Funny how their number is now disconnected. I will never trust anyone who phones up offering investments from this point on. They told us that lots of Australian wheat farmers fall back on this investment programme when they have had a poor crop season, and it keeps their heads above water financially. The strange thing was we started to become skeptical,when another phone canvasser from the same company rang us up about 7 weeks after we signed up to offer us the exact programme. So much for there only being 200 licenses available in each state of Australia!!! Iwill be contacting TV media to warn other ordinary Australians to stay away from scamming companies such as I Products International. Don't trust them fellow Aussies. They even had Australian voices over the phone.

Country: USA   State: All USA

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