Nigerian Airport Omolade Ajakaye

i been scammed out of 6000 dollarsby bakare adeniyikofo akininade jim jarros last year 8000 dollarsand now the boss has screwed me out of 6000 dollars worth of airline tickets medical and documents.for a total of 16000 dollars all these people worked at this airport.i bought all these tickets documents to get my girlfriend home she made it as far as amsterdamm they stopped her for a scamm that hasnothing to do with her shes 100% innocent but they would not let her go they wanted 1500 to clear her name jerry peters made a deal with bakare for a thousand we sent the money only big shot wouldnt allow it wanted 500 more dollars we sent it he wouldnt release the document so im out all the money for tickets medical dsocuments plus the 1100 he wanted and kept the money and would not return it after he fscrewed us royallythis man omolade ie a lier a thief a scam artist he needs to be put in jail and throw the key awayhes putting a innocent victim in jail cause he would not sign the documenti have emails from jerry peters kofo bakare and yes the ass of the bunck omolade to back my story how he scrrewed us and jade,i hope this (Inappropriate Content Removed) loses his job for being a damm lier a thief and scam artist,he needs to be put away and let the innocent women return to her home

Country: USA   State: All USA

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