Miller toyota dealership,culver city,california

what a fool I was...I should have run, when mr. Hong said,on first meeting me, you remind me of my aunt!!..then he would go on and on, with his babble speak, he couldnt get top the point!! and his favorite word is Oh,Iam so sorry, "and the mechanics owe me a favor" all you have to pay for is the part...even tho it will take them 5 hours for the gas door and 15 hours for the trunk release...which I said, I dont want to pay 567.00 for the gas door,or the trunk release, Hong stated, oh well dont worry...the mechanics owe me a favor!!...what a labor was 2,776.00 parts 1,115.00 not inclucing tax, and sublet amount 61.00??..I will never take my car to any toyota delership...every time I walk in its at least 2000.00 Iam a woman alone, 62...and I imagine,when they see that...the dealership,thinks here comes another sucker...they must work on commission,also because when hong told me to bring in the car again, to do the trunk release,because they now had the part(which later that day,phoned me to say the part brought was not the correct one,so they kept my car for another day!!!...when I brought it in,for the trunk release, this roberto manager...was rude, and said, well vince hong isnt here, and were going to have to charge you..and I showed him the paper work, and I had just got the car out a couple of days ago.and paided 4000.00 and he was a real jerk...I left...and vince phoned and said go back in...on two occassions he "mr Hong said, I'll come in...Iam only two miles away, and then...calls me at the last minute,when I was to go in to pick up my car...after he got my address to pick me up...which he offered,....and then said...Iam at the doctors office,with the wife,and I cant come...what a crock,of (Inappropriate Content Removed)...I feel duped, and taken advantage Hong said, oh mechanics owe me a favor, well I believe he padded the labor, to making a complaint to the consumer affairs...of los angeles...what a bunch of rip off artists.they should be ashamed of themselves.

Country: USA   State: California   City: Culver City   Zip: 90232
Address: 9077 West Washington Blvd.
Phone: 3108153490

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