Mitchell Hodge

I would like to raise a complaint about a deal I recently purchased through living social on the 10th June 2012 for a will, which I am yet to receive.

This is the description given of the ‘Deal’ I purchased.
You might not be able to see into the future, but that doesn't mean you can't give yourself peace of mind by making plans for what will happen to your property and possessions after you've gone. With today's deal, pay just £19 and Mitchell Hodge Associates will draw up a will for one person (a £160 value). Alternatively, for £29, opt for a 'mirror' will for two people, which may be suitable, for example, for couples planning to make identical wills (a £240 value). Your document will be drawn up after a phone consultation with one of the company's trained consultants, who could help to make sure that your wishes are in writing. If your case is particularly complicated, a home visit may be required, which will be included in the price. Take some time to look ahead and get organised, but don't put off clicking 'Buy Now' for too long, because we don't need to peer into a crystal ball to predict that this offer won't be around forever.

I emailed upon purchasing this to arrange for the telephone consultation (as sold) and received an email back on the 15th June asking for my details, I send this on and received nothing back. I chased again with another email on the 1st of July and got an email back saying there was a back log but they would be in touch soon. I received an email on the 17th July telling me they were booking appointments from the 3rd August onwards and what would I prefer, day or evening. I received another email back confirming the 9th August at 6.30pm. At no point was I told this would be a home visit.

I put this in my dairy and on this date waited for the phone call at 6.30pm.

On the 9th August, at 6.30pm a man knocked on my door and said he was from Mitchell Hodge and here about my Will. Initially surprised as I was expecting a phone call not a personal visit I invited him in, expecting to tell him details of what I would like in my Will. This person was not a solicitor and proceeded to try to sell me a single persons trust at £950, putting intense pressure on me to buy this as the will would not protect my wishes. He told me he had driven 2 hours to see me and was clearly disappointed that I would not commit to his sell. He even went as far to tell me that he could not live with himself if anything happened to me upon him leaving my house tonight and I had not sorted my trust out.

He finally left my house after an hour of hard selling to me, disgruntled that I had not bought a £950 trust from him. He took no details of my wishes and made no attempt to create the will which I had bought in good faith.

At no point through out the email conversations or in the description of the will being bought was I told to expect someone at my house. They worded the offer that if the case is complicated you may receive a home visit but this implies that after they have spoken to you on the phone to discuss your wishes. They had not previously spoken to me so therefore were not informed on my case and could not decide if it warranted a home visit. I believe they knew from the details that I provided on the initial email contact I was a single mother with a young child and I feel that they deliberately preyed on my situation. I have had no contact from them since, and still no Will. I feel the whole offer was large mis-sell designed to prey on people wanting to look after their loved ones in the event of death. I will be finding out which ombudsman to report this too along with trading standards and I suggest you stop selling this immediately.

Country: USA   State: All USA
Phone: 08445046633

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