I'm not sure if that's the exact date when this SkilltoThrillTrivia started billing me on my phone bills, but anyways I called the 1-800# that was on my phone bill related to this SkilltoThrillTrivia, and they told me to visit this website to make a complaint and get reimbursed for what they charged me on my bills. I wasn't aware that this game was on my phone until I started to get these quiz questions to answer for a chance to win this big prize, so I started answering the questions to win this prize, and I thought it was a free game to play until I finally seen it on my phone bill, they were billing me. So I left the questions alone, I stopped answering them thinking they would get the hint and stop billing me, because I wasn't answering anymore questions, but another phone bill, and they were still charging me for this stupid game. I called my phone company making a complaint about this and I wanted to get reimbursed, so they told me to talk to customer service, which is what I did, and this girl didn't even know what she was doing, because she told me that it would stop, and it didn't. I got another phone bill with another charge, and all together, I was charged 132$ for only 3 phone bills, just to answer these stupid questions, 132$. I went back on my bills and noticed on the first one they charged me 51$, on the second bill, they charged me 39$, and on the third bill they charged me 42$!!!!! Which is ridiculous, only for answering quiz questions, and they're making you think that your going to win this big prize. Anyways this is my complaint, and I want to be reimbursed in the amount of 132$ for getting blackmailed into answering these questions, because I never asked to put this on my account nor did I do it over the internet. I never visited that SkilltoThrillTrivia website to enroll in this game. So once again, I want to be reimbursed or I will continue to make complaints, and if I don't get reimbursed on my phone bills, then I will not pay for them!!!! Thank you very much.

Country: USA   State: All USA
Phone: 800057154,18666700126

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