I registered a web domain name with Godaddy and paid with a credit card. Below appended e-mail correspondence between Godaddy and I is self explanatory, namely I will not e-mail anyone a scanned copy of my drivers license, showing my license number, address, birth date, personal identification marks and photo, or a copy of my passport, to a corporation whose employees are totally disrespectful on the phone, refuse to let me speak to a supervisor and tell me that they will not even try to verify my identity over the phone.

1st of all, requiring me to e-mail a copy of my passport has to be against Homeland Security Regulations. Furthermore, demanding to receive this type of personal information is without precedent and will definitely endanger my personal safety, specially since has obviously no control over their employees.

Unfortunately,, unlike other large web retailers, lacks the necessary expertise or the will to verify customer ID's, using acceptable methods.

Here are the e-mails:

Thank you for being our valued customer. For your protection, as part of an ongoing effort to prevent the unauthorized usage of your payment method(s),
the recent purchase activity on Account #xxxxx has been reviewed by our verification office. As a result of this review, the referenced
customer account has been locked and the payment method has been suspended from further use in our system. The charges made to this payment method have been refunded and the related products have been cancelled.
Please allow five to ten business days for your financial institution to fully process the reimbursement.

These actions were taken as a precautionary measure to preserve the integrity
of your payment method(s). The processes implemented are not intended as an
accusation or derogatory claim. To request reinstatement, please log in to your
account with us today. During the login process, to verify the payment method's
account holder has authorized usage of this payment method, our secure site will
prompt you to upload a viewable, scanned copy of the payment method account holder's government-issued photo identification, such as a driver's license or passport.
Upon receipt of the requested documentation, we will re-evaluate the status of
your account.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by these actions and thank you in
advance for your cooperation.

Verification Office


September 4Th, 2012

To whom it may concern;

I am very concerned about your security procedures!!!

I opened this account last Friday, while my daughter added several other accounts to her existing "Godaddy" accounts.

I received 2 e-mails (one at 5:12pm from support @godaddy and a 2nd one at6:04pm from [email protected])
Next, I received an e-mail at 6:05pm from [email protected] Do you hand my information to a third party, without my knowledge and/or consent?
Who are these people? At 6:15pm I received an e-mail from "[email protected], that seemed regular. Now, when I got to work this morning, I see an e-mail at 8:11am from [email protected], followed at 10:08am by [email protected], telling me you suspended my account and want me to post my photo, together with drivers license number, my personal address and birth-date on the world wide web. I have never done that and have never been asked by any business, I have dealt with on the web, including my solely web based bank and investment accounts to expose my privacy. There are other ways to verify my identity and you handing my info to a third party is definitely a "NO-NO" On Friday, I also received a phone call from someone named Jason? asking me to call him back at 480-505-8889 to verify my order. To my knowledge, that is not a charge free phone call.

With all these irregularities, emanating from your company, I need a qualified customer service representative to contact me today, during business hours, at Xxxxx-Xxxx Xxxx & Xxxx, at(xxx)xxx-xxxx and ask for xxxx.


Thank you,


'' re-ply e-mail to me

Discussion Notes
Support Staff Response
For security purposes, case specific elaboration regarding this verification will not be made available to inquiring individuals. This policy has been established to preserve the integrity of personal information. Our goal is to reasonably ensure that the owner of the payment method has authorized the transaction(s). A copy of the payment method owner's driver's license or passport will be sufficient documentation to substantiate your account.

Upon receipt of the requested documentation, we will re-evaluate the status of your account. We thank you in advance for your cooperation and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Verification Office

After this e-mail I decided to PAY for a phone call and after being on hold for 2 minutes (do they own stock in the phone company?) I had the "pleasure" of being 'politely and firmly' told by an unmannerly 'APE' to 'take it or leave it'

I am 71 years old and this is not the first and wont be the last time I'm getting "srwd"
with my cloth on, but decided to complain loud and hard.

Thank you

Country: USA   State: Arizona   City: Scottsdale   Zip: 85260
Address: 14455 N Hayden Rd Suite 219
Phone: 4805058877

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