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Two young males knocked on my door stating that they were selling magazines for our military solders and also showed me a list of the soldiers names and a list of the magazines on their wish list. They also showed me a wish list of all other items in various different categories that the military wanted. The informed me that for each subscription sold they would acquire points that would be applied toward their expenses for a trip abroad to London. I purchased one subscription for a bow arrow hunter magazine - cost of the subscription was $48.00. I paid them for the subscription with a personal check. Before they left one of the males asked to use my bathroom. Unfortunately I let him. After they left I read the back of the receipt explaining the cancellation process and discovered that all salesmen were instructed to deposit the check payments immediately. This sent up a flag to me and I realized it probably was a scam. I completed the cancellation instructions as stated on the back of the receipt, signed and dated it and took it to the post office to be mailed back to the Company the next morning (sunday 9/2). It was the Labor Day weekend so I could not contact my bank to stop payment on the check until 9/4. I did have this done on Tuesday 9/4. The cancellation instructions also stated that this could be done within 3 days and it included counting saturdays. I can't believe that I was actually convinced it was legitimate. It is obviously so easy to be scammed by these people. Please alert all consumers and the population of this scam. Thank you

Country: USA   State: Colorado   City: Kittredge   Zip: 80457
Address: PO Box 1058
Phone: 8778064610

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