Shaboom Media

I got my T-mobile bill and it was 20.00 (ok 19.98 close enough to 20.00) over what I usually pay. I looked at the bill and saw that Shaboom Media had charged me 9.99 twice once for 8/5/2012 and 8/6/2012. Grrrrr. So I called T-mobile and they black listed them for me, and told me that it would take two billing cycles to clear it up. I told him that I haven't paid the bill yet and did I have to pay the extra if they are just going to reimburse me later. He said yes. So thanks so much Shaboom Media for your crap business practices. I never agreed to your service, but yet I have to pay? I have to wait two months, maybe three to get my money back. Hope your company has a visit from the Feds someday, and I hope they put you in jail.

Country: USA   State: California   City: San Francisco   Zip: 94103
Address: 731 Market Street, #600
Phone: 4153674440,8888906150

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