Wind Mobile

Wind Mobile was to provide phone and data service as per the prepaid contract. When the service failed and it was brought to their attention, they promised repeatedly ''to make up a ticket'' and resolve the problem /restore the contracted service but each time it grew worse. Their last attempt tp solve it was to double-charge for the data plan without my knowledge or permission by going into the account and deducting additional money. They then froze my account saying there was not enough money for the next month, and insisting that more be deposited before they would restore it.
When it was discovered that they were double-dipping, Wind made up another ''ticket''; first saying that they never refunded money, then saying that they only refunded money if it were a Wind mistake, then admitting that ''Yes, they could see that this was a Wind mistake'' and ''making up a ticket'' to have the money refunded. They did not - by the time they put the credit in the account on August 9th, they had again frozen the service, and we were forced to ''top-up'' the account to have service.

It is a fraud to double bill for services already paid for, and because of the lost employment, it was negligent on their part.

It is time that hacktivists redress the balance as we are positive that we are not the only consumer who have suffered losses throught the fraud and negligence of this company and its agents. My child had to go without milk, bread, and juice boxes or fruit and even when we told them that, there was zero customer support, understanding, or restitution. These people were heartless and ruthless.

Country: USA   State: ON   City: Toronto   Zip: M5J 1A7
Address: 207 Queens Quay West, Suite 710, PO Box 114
Phone: 8779463184

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