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I received an email from Jorge Rodrigues who claimed to be the Personnel Mgr. for Logistics Group Int'l., telling me not to miss this fantastic opportunity to work for the aforementioned company, etc. It went on to describe the so-called position, calling it 'Transportation Specialist'. In following emails he asked me to sign attached contract, send scanned copy of my Driver's License, and set up attached ledgers in microsoft office to keep track of shipments I receive. He told me I would be working for online businesses such as Amazon, Google, etc., and that I would be receiving packages containing orders that were made to those businesses, and was to forward them to the overseas clients. He would email when a shipment was to arrive and attach a prepaid shipping label. I was to ship out the packages within 2 business days. I also received a job description which said that when I file my Taxes at year-end, the company would refund me the amount I paid in Federal and State Taxes. He went on to say in future emails that I would be receiving packages from 5 online business owners beginning this week (8/27-9/1). I even checked the Logistics Int'l. Group online, and it looked legit. Luckily, I came across this website before I got involved any further in this scam. I am very upset about this, as I have been unemployed for 10 months and was so happy to have finally gotten a job, only to find out that it's a big scam! As far as compensation goes, I was to be on a 30 day trial period, in which I was to be paid $30 for every single package I handled, and $60 if 2 or 3 packages were combined into one. Then, after the trial period concluded, I was to receive $2300 salary plus the per package bonuses per month. I figured it would add up to at least $3000/mo

Country: USA   State: Massachusetts   City: Boston   Zip: 02210
Address: Richards St. 2
Phone: 6173990068,8572395168,8776358908
Site: www.logisticsgroupint.net

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