Merchant Freedom Network

These guys at MFN (merchant freedom network) almost ruined my life and my family’s life. To start they originally offered me this great deal! Sounded like I could retire in 5 years. HA that is a joke. They first scammed me out of $7,500.00, promised me that the leads would just come into my lap because they are that great! Well a couple months went by and I still hadn’t seen anything. Called and was told “oh that’s because you need this additional package to make this work. It is just a small fee of $12,500.00 but this is what you should have gotten in the first place along with the basic stuff.” I was so hesitant and didn’t want to but was told that I basically threw away the $7,500.00 if I didn’t include this other package. I did it reluctantly and boy am I a dang fool. So the total amount of $20,000.00 and a year and a half later I was taken for the worst ride of my life. It almost ended my marriage. I then as I have seen many have heard about this company FIAD Services and spoke with Jacob Daniels. He assured me everything would work out and of course after being made such a fool by Merchant freedom network I couldn’t trust everything. A month went by and I got desperate to save my future. I called Jacob back and told him I wanted to try this out. Well a month and a half later I couldn’t be happier with their services. They didn’t pressure me and they held my hand the whole way through this nightmare. The recovered all my money from the SCAM artist at MFN and didn’t even make me give them a dime upfront! This is how companies were supposed to be when this country was founded and I am glad to learn that believe it or not some do still exist. I swear by them and would encourage anyone to talk with them. They have a great website with a ton of information and all contact info (800)753-6724. Thank you Jacob so much and hope you enjoyed the treats my wife and I sent.

Country: USA   State: All USA   City: Phoenix   Zip: 85012
Address: 5025 N Central Ave, Ste 627
Phone: 8773478209

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