This guy goes by the name MSgt. James R Downey or His real name is Jeffrey Steven Keith

This guy goes by the name MSgt. James R Downey his email The IP address associated to the email is If you do search you will see there are numinous complaints about this person. Please help.

My story
I was trying to buy a jet ski for parts and came across this listing (2007 Yamaha VX Deluxe 1100 PWC jet ski $1600.) I replied to the add and got the message below.

On Tue, Jul 3, 2012 at 6:24 AM, MSgt. James R Downey wrote:

Sorry for mailing you so late!
I'm glad that you're interested in my jet skis. The jet skis are in good condition, has no technical damages at all, no scratches or dents, no hidden defects. The jet skis have been looked after very well - washed and cleaned every two weeks. The seats are clean and not torn. The exterior is in excellent condition. It comes with all the documents needed for registration, it has a clear title and it can be registered into your name at any time. There are no known problems with the jet skis as far as I know.
The total price $1600 including shipping and delivery taxes to your address.
If you are decided we are going to have a safe deal.
Please get back to me to explain you more.
I`m waiting for your reply as soon as possible.

Thank you!
Air Force MSgt. James R Downey
Air National Guard
McGuire New Jersey

MSgt. James R Downey
Jul 4 (6 days ago)

from Air Force MSgt. James R Downey
Haven't you received the email from eBay? Check your bulk or spam folder.
Please let me know because I’m ready to start the shipping arrangements.
Chris Shaw
Jul 4 (6 days ago)

To James

I got the eBay notification. However I am confused. I am reading the buying steps # 2 (The buyer sends the payment to eBay (eBay agents). After the deposit is verified by the eBay Agent, he will notify the seller to start the shipping procedure.). I thought the machine will get to me, I check it out then I pay as noted in the emails. Am I correct? Please advice.

MSgt. James R Downey
Jul 4 (6 days ago)

To me
You have received the instructions from eBay- please follow the payment procedure exactly as described there. All you have to do is to send the payment to eBay (eBay agent).Payment is verified and deposited into a trust account. After you will receive and inspect the item eBay send me the payment.

Shipping will be made in max 24h after the payment is confirmed and you will receive the item in max 4 days.
The jet skis will be insured for the total amount that we are dealing and you will have 5 days Return Policy. In these 5 days you will test the conditions of the jet skis. If something won't be like you expected to be you can return the jet skis without any expense and you will receive all your money back, immediately.

Thank you for understanding!

MSgt. James R Downey
Jul 4 (6 days ago)
To me

If you need help you can contact eBay trough live chat that you have in your invoice...

Also I will pay for the Money Gram transfer fees so when you'll send the payment don't mention that you are paying for an online transaction; the fees for online transactions are with 30% higher than the fees for sending money to friends and relatives. You can tell them that you send the money to a friend. In this way we avoid to pay some extra fees.


He got the funds of $1600 and wrote in email the papers would come shortly. I got suspicious and dug deeper and found out that the was a scam. I logged in the chat he had set up for eBay motors and demanded my money and to clx this transaction.
His response
MSgt. James R Downey Jul 7 (3 days ago)

What, I don't understand..I paid the shipping to your address and you now what????????????? I will call the police.

My response:
Chris Shaw
Jul 7 (3 days ago)

To James

Please contact the police. Please give them my email and home address and phone number. Sir nothing is adding up. Please understand from my views and concerns. All I want to know this is not a fraud. Please email to me the shipping detail. Not trying to start trouble I just need facts

This guy was singing eBay for illegal transaction, pretending to be a Master Sergeant in the Air force. I logged on to the chat with this email They told me I will get my money in 48hrs, now I am a victim and black listed form the so called eBay motor chat. My emails are not being answered. I know I may not get the money back, However I would like to see this person behind bars. There are 23 cyber crime complaints about this person, and he need to be stopped. If you need any additional information Please contact me. I just want justice.

Thank you

Country: USA   State: All USA

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