I received a text message from (951) 317-4731 at 4:19pm today that said "Dear Walmart shopper, Congratulations you have just won a $1000 Gift Card. Click here to claim your gift. www.WmartNation.com." I didn't know the number and I know better than to click on an unknown link, so I ignored it.

Then at 8:55pm today I received another text message, this time from (206) 696-0381, it said "You just won a free $1000 Walmart Gift Card, enter 'FREE' at http://www.walmart.com.myfreecard.biz/claim." Instead of typing it into the aaddress bar, I typed it into Google search and came upon your website and the other numerous similar complaints.

I am on the A T&T network and also on the no call list. Bogus texts like this are a nuisance and I don't think these scammers should be permitted to enter MY HOME, uninvited, by way of a service I PAY (a lot) for! It's infuriating! Fortunately, I pay the extra $25/month for unlimited texting or these two unwanted, unsolicited texts would have cost me, what...99 cents each? And I don't know what unseemly consequences I would have befallen had I actually followed the scammers directions. Can you claim damages for aggravation and emotional distress? I would be all over that!! Better yet, just get these degenerate bottom-feeders to stop harassing people like me and prevent other like-minded degenerate bottom-feeders from being able to or even wanting to do what these scammers are doing. Perhaps these scammers should have to pay the $25 of my monthly phone bill for the text messeging service they utilized, without my permission, to uninvitedly enter my home.

Country: USA   State: All USA

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