“Raider Publishing International (Purehavenpress)”

2 years ago I signed with a publisher based in New York, NY, “Raider Publishing International (Purehavenpress)”, since he’s a vanity press I paid them thousands of dollars for services not provided, they stole all my money, almost breached every contract clause possible aside for the establishing of a website and sending me the initial copies. Recently I paid them additional thousand dollars for review copies to be sent to me, they never were, they still owe me this money and refuse to give it back!!! Stalling, delaying, lying, lying, lying, cheating, disappearing again and again, it is a method of theirs.

Here’s their details:
Adam Salviani (owner, manager, top key figure)
Jennifer Sommer, his assistant
Raider Publishing International
350 5th Ave. - 59th Floor
New York, New York 10118
Phone: 646-233-2026

Country: USA   State: New York   City: New York   Zip: 10118
Address: 350 5th Ave., 59th Floor
Phone: 6462332026,8002931653
Site: www.raiderpublishing.com

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