I purchased a pair of Nike more uptempo shoes and noticed no one emailed me to estimate delivery time, i emailed them and got the typical response mention in a BAIT AND SWITCH that the product is out of stock... i checked there site again but now there site said they still had stock but for near double the price !!! i was on to them then i clicked and realised it was a scam.. especially as i emailed them rite away and asked them what was up with that ? and bam no response to any of my emails since then. What is even worse i checked Australian Office of fair trading.. and they state that any thing that is from over seas out of our country that the victim cannot be helped. THIS IS BULLSH@T come on government !! just trace the website/ bank details and nail these BARST#$DS it is not hard with todays technology. WAY TO HELP PROTECT YOUR OWN COUNTRY. i read about the laws on people commiting these bait and switch crimes and there is loop holes that gets them out of it, if charged READ UP ON IT AND SEE WHAT I MEAN. how about we find a LOOPHOLE TO CHARGE THEM!!! WITH EVERY SINGLE COUNT!!!! AND QUADROOPLE IT. this is not fair we cant do anything while these pathetic people keep scamming away. COME ONE EVERY ONE REPOST THIS ON EVERYTHING YOU CAN FIND >> FACEBOOK< TWITTER WHAT EVER !!!!!!!!!!!! CATCH THESE GERMS WHO BAIT AND SWITCH

Country: USA   State: All USA   City: Putian   Zip: 361006
Address: Chengxiangqu Huaitngzhen Xicun 127
Site: www.chi-canada.com

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