I was on the computer Wednesday the 25th of April 2012. Suddenly a flash advert comes on the screen and says im' the winner of a vacation of a lifetime. I has to call in 4 minutes or else I would not receive the vacation. So I call the number on the screen which was 70142446. A woman answer and says that im the lucky winner of a trip to Florida, where I will be in Orlando, get a free rental car in 7 days and be on a cruise to the Bahamas. This should cost $389, but I will get a discount of $3000. This trip will be for 4 people and I said that it was really an interesting offer. She let me go through 5 steps, where I saw the resorts we will stay at and she said I had to pay right away, because this opportunity was just today. I gave her my credit card number and she sent me through to another person, who was called Kevin Moriss, who also said he wanted my card number. Then he sent me to another woman, which said she recorded the conversation, where I had to agree with what they offered. So she told me again what this vacation included, and I said "I agree" because there was nothing suspicious. She also took my card number, and with he 3 I talked with, no one said that I could not cancel my vacation. They also showed a guaranty on their website that this was not scam. After I had talked to them for an hour, I hang up and I checked my email, because they said that I would get a confirmation email right away, all three of them said that and took my email address. I had not received anything, so I researched on the web, and I saw that there were a lot of people who said that this company was a scam, and you should be careful, and I saw their descriptions, and they have experienced exactly the same as I had. Then I quickly called again and said that I would like to cancel my order, because I cannot afford it, and I regret I bought it. Then they argued with me and would not let me talk at all, they said that they will give me a discount on flying tickets and food. I kept saying that I cannot afford it, and in the end they sent me to the cancellation department. I talked to a very rude guy, which made fun of me and said that he was form the cancellation department, but you cannot cancel your order, but you can give or sell it to another person. I asked, why they did not say that I cannot cancel the vacation he did not answer and kept saying that I can sell it to another person. Then I asked, why did you say you are from the cancellation department if I cannot cancel my order, then he repeated that I can sell the vacation to another person, and he cant help me anymore. I asked him why havent I received a confirmation mail, he said I will write one now, it will take 2 minutes and he let me be on hold. After I said you have not helped at all and I hang up. They have taken the money and I got a mail from them which did not look like a confirmation mail at all, because it did not have any of the reservation or confirmation number. I have been scammed, I really hope you can help me!

The phonenumbers and confirmation numbers they gave me are:

Phonenumber: 70142446 - Kevin Morris
Reservation number: 4570142450
Confirmation number: 50415047
Reservation number: 0014074046835


Sayeda Ibrahim, Denmark.

Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Winter Park   Zip: 32789
Address: 501 North Wymore Road
Phone: 8662803120

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