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I went for an interview today, for a property management company and was interviewed, during the interview this guy was telling me the background story of his life, including having been divorced because his wife cheated on him, because he didn't give her the TLC she desired. Everyone needs TLC.
As he continued, he gave me a description of the job I would be doing. Other employees were coming and going, he then introduced me to two women whom walked in that work for him, telling them I was hired and did they have any questions for me? One woman asked if I could get along with everyone and if I knew how to send an email. I answered yes and the two women continued with there work leaving the office to go to an office he said existed next door.
At that time he asked me if I had any questions, I asked him when he wanted me to come in on Monday, he said 8 am, then asked me if that was a good time, just to let him know. I stated 9 am would be better as I need to get my daughter ready and off to school at 8 am. He stated that was fine and I would be working from 9-6.
Before I left he stated that Friday nights are date nights for him and asked if I knew anyone that would want to go on a date with him, that was as clean and put together as myself? I told him I did not know anyone that would want to go out with him like myself.
He mentioned at that point, he would see me on Monday at 9 am. I left. A few hours later he called me and said " yeah you know that job I gave you earlier? I said yes, he said "yeah don't worry about coming I cant afford to pay ya". I then said ok and he hung up.

Country: USA   State: All USA

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