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I was called from a company who my caller id was from New York (1-212-776-6551). They said they could lower all of my credit card interest rates to 6%. So they took all of the information about my VISA, American Express, and Master Cards. After I gave them the #'s and expiration dates, Robin Matthews asked for the code on the back of the card. I asked why he needed that if I was going to have to speak to a verification person. He began to speak harsh about me questioning his inquiry. But I still didn't give him that info. I had also given him my date of birth. When I spoke to the third person in the chain, whose name was Cliff, I told him that I would call him back because I had something to do. He told me to call Robin Mathews back, in which I did, at 1-941-312-2236. When he answered the phone, I told him to give me the name of his company so that I could do some research on the company before I paid them a one time fee of 780.00. He then began to get defensive, telling me to let him talk and question why I wouldn't take advantage of saving 250.00 per month in interest with my credit cards. Anyway, the conversation got so heated, I hung up the phone. I next called the New York number (1-212-776-6551) and a recording came on stating "the number you've dialed is not in service". In about 3 minutes, the phone rang with an "unavailable" on the caller i.d. It was Robin Mathews, and he was very angry. He said since I did not take advantage of their offer to lower my credit score he was going to make sure my scores were increased to 29.9 percent and hung up the phone. I have since cancelled all of my credit cards, and put a freeze on my credit through Transunion. Such a waist of my time. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!

Country: USA   State: All USA

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