First Car Plaza in Miramar California

I was checking my checking account information online to balance my records and found a pending charge to First Car Plaza 1 for $10.35. Neither I nor any one in my family made this purchase, I called my bank and found out it was mu checkcard that was used so I cancelled it right away and reported to the bank (Regions) that it was a fraudulent charge, The are supossidely going to check it out but who knows because they will not do anything until it goes through it is in the pending status now. once it clears then they will look into it only after I fill out and sign aN AVADAVIT. Now I thought MY bank is supposed to be on MY side but I guess not. As I google searched the name ( I was told by the bank rep. that it was an auto parts store located in Miramar California) I found this entry and discovered I am another victim of some sick (Inappropriate Content Removed) that needs to be found and properly delt with by the victims not the so called proper authorities who apparently don't give a damn enough to stop it and take care of it. Come on in this day and age with our technology you can't tell me that this (Inappropriate Content Removed) can't be caught or found.

Country: USA   State: Massachusetts   City: Grafton   Zip: 01519
Address: 47 Old Upton Rd
Phone: 7274786005,6174925120

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