This false advertising scam began with a Facebook ad for a free Apple iPad when you complete a quiz which involves correctly guessing the number of triangles displayed in a diagram.
After clicking on the Facebook ad, the viewer is taken to an online quiz displaying the triangle diagram and a count-down timer. Once you enter the number of triangles displayed in the diagram and press the submit button, the viewer is announced as a winner... (and almost no answer is incorrect!)
Then the viewer is taken to another signup sheet to input shipping information for the shipment of the iPad.
After inputting shipping information for the iPad, the viewer is then taken to a page for confirming their mobile telephone number, via a text message to their mobile phone. After inputting their mobile phone number, and returning the confirmation text, a steady stream of text messages are then sent to the viewer's mobile phone, with the initial text message being a subscription to a text message campaign.

On the viewer's PC, and after confirming their mobile telephone number the confirmation screen returns the viewer to the same confirmation page, to re-input their mobile telephone number.

The URL's used were

Country: USA   State: All USA
Site: quizshuttle.com

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