We met in tagged and ask if we can talk privately he ask for my yahoo ID said he is a 5 star general commander of ISAF of Us forces base in Kandahar,Afghanistan..
If I can help him to be his safekeeping of his fund because it is too dangerous there where is the fund of 5.7 million USD with him while the war is on going. And I ask him why you have big money like that? suppose to be that money is in the bank.
And he told me that money is paid by the gov't of Afghanistan because as He is a top commander he paid him in cash for the contract he deal with them.

I tell him straight that I never agree because am thinking maybe this a scam or just trap he said he is 100% REAL and he will rest assure everything is safe no commitment no obligation until a month passed and convinced me just give a name, address and phone number that's all. After one week he sent me a message that he did the special arrangement registration of the said fund but that fund is just you and me knowing that inside the consignment is money but the description is personalized item for her loved one.

After one week, a name Ahmed Abdelhammed he is a UN diplomat courier email me that he is on transit in London, but sad to say that the immigration required him for the yellow tag of the box because the sender (Gen. Curtis) not allow to scan the said box. The diplomat asking for help to send money so he can reconfirmed the flight. I told him that i don't have idea about the arrangement of that delivery and the diplomat email I forward it to Gen. Curtis.

Gen. Curtis ask me if I can help to send the amount that the diplomat demanded thru western union because all his money is already in the box and he cannot ask any money in Afghanistan because there is no work because of the war and we argue on that because I told him you said I don't have any obligation but now you put me on trouble and he said is just that one because he said that he did'nt know that will happen in London in short the argument end and I send money to the diplomat.

They rebook the flight after they pay the yellow tag, again they stop again because something need to pay the said UN COT I don't know what is that but I told to General NEVER because this not the agreement we did. I told him I don't care if there's a big money there and that is belong to you not me if it is that money is genuine you are the one will suffer not me you have lot's of money than me and how come you asking money from me if you are genuine.

We keep continue our communication because I am trying to know everything and searching and I found out theres a scamwarners on his search web and I told everything to General that you are involve in such scams and he is still telling me that he is real until now he is asking for assistance from me because he said he cannot work and he cannot evensleep properly because of that fund.

This is I want to find out if this is true or not if you can help me because he still telling me that he is GENUINE.

Hope to hear from your group as soon as you get my querry...

Your assistance will highly appreciate it...

Best regards,


Country: USA   State: All USA

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