All online loan services are 99.9% scams

I too filled out an online loan application, Got a call the very next day from telling me that i was approved. Now years ago I did the same thing and was told in order to receive the loan I would have to pay the interest up front this wasn't a scam. This time around it wasn't the case. The man on the phone told me all I had to pay was interest up front and I can get my loan. I felt deep down that this was a scam, but I did it anyway reason being the call came from my home state. The loan amount was $500 10% of that is $50 i sent $50 stayed on the phone with the a$$ whole the time the transaction was taking place. The man placed me on hold to me to give him 10min, once returning to the phone he then told me the underwriter that handles all paper work was out to lunch. Call back in 1hr. at that point I wrote my $50off as a lost. The very next day I called the number back just for the hell of it. The people told me there systems was down and that's why i didn't get a call back. Then he also informed me that my transaction was stuck in the system, so I had to wait for a refund. Now this went on for about a week. Being a nerd I start researching the telephone number that the call came from. After finding out that it wasn't a building it was s tower (land line port phone company use) meaning the call didn't come from my home town it came from a location port. All the long these people are still calling my phone. When ever they fool somebody they don't pull you out there system, it just goes to another rep. I did a little bit more searching and found out the main port was "MAGIC JACK" meaning these calls can be made from anywhere in this case IRAQ. So I got a few a friends to call and give fake names and ssn # the people told them they was approved and what they need to do. Then weeks after I was one the phone talking with my sister having a nice conversation and my other beeped, I have an iPhone for those Do or did have one, when someone call you, you don't have to click over you can just merge the calls together without clicking over, I then told me sister don't say a word just listing. As soon as I answer the guy started talking, By this time they have changed the name of there company and everything the only thing they couldn't change was the choice of telephone numbers that "Magic Jack" gives you when setting up account , that how come i knew who was calling, The guy ran down the script as usual once he got to the very end, I then asked him where is my $50? He then ask me what, I repeated myself. The guy then laughed and spoke in his true voice They all sound like they were from India but smoothly switched to his native tongue. He Then said to me, Your $50 in my pocket, I then said to him well you took my money a least tell me where you are , he then proudly said Iraq, then spelled it for me I R A Q. Called me a stupid American... Then told me thank your old president his very very good man, BUSH.....
Now aint that crazy, After converting $50 USD to $58,075 Iraqi dinar to that's alot of free money. Now I wasn't hard up for the loan, but just imagine the people that really need it and not thinking and believing what these fools are telling them, can you imagine how much money they can make in a day. It gets worst, I had a outstanding Macy's bill that haven't been paid yet. Would you believe some kind of way they got a hold to it and called me and told me I needed to pay this bill or i was going to jail for a very long time. I called Macy's and informed them some kind of way there information system has been breech because the guy knew everything, this world is crazy.........

Country: USA   State: All USA

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