I ordered two pairs of shoes, J-41 and Privo, on March 26. Two weeks went by and I had not received a shipment notification so I emailed on April 4. I did not receive a response. I sent another email and also created a PayPal complaint on April 9. PayPal wrote back and said they would attempt to get in touch with the seller. On April 15 I received an email from PayPal saying they had been in touch with the seller and they had included a tracking number for me. I immediately checked the USPS website and saw that the shipment was in New York. I waited to receive the package and on April 24 I received both the package and an email from PayPal saying they closed the complaint because the seller had provided proof of shipment. The package I received was a very small envelope with a small kitchen sponge inside. I immediately contacted PayPal and told them that I wanted to reopen my claim because I also had proof that the package I was sent did not contain two pairs of shoes. The envelope is only about 6" x 6" and the label says that it is a "magic sponge". I have the name and address of the person who sent the package from China. Whether or not it is real is another matter but it's a place to start. PayPal did reopen the claim for me and yesterday they notified me that they have ruled in my favor and I will be getting my refund. Apparently, the seller @ Kelly Mall is refunding the money because PayPal said that if the refund comes back with insufficient funds from the seller's account to contact them. I'm not stopping here of course. Tomorrow I am contacting PayPal again and telling them to reopen the claim one more time because they need to stop doing business with a fraudulent seller. It is stated right in their policies that they do not tolerate this and I plan to hold them to their word. I have seen all the complaints on this website, scambook, and also on several others. The stories are all the same and the majority of them have reported their experiences to PayPal. There is no excuse for PayPal to have as many complaints as they do and still allow this scamming scumbag to have an account with them. I am actually a very wary online shopper. I rarely order from obscure online stores, preferring to stick to Amazon and other well-known and safe websites. On the rare occaisons that I have considered purchasing from a store I was not familiar with I have always done an internet search for reviews and scams because I am always afraid this very thing will happen. When I placed this order with Kelly Mall it was virtually the FIRST time I had never checked for a review of the company. I think I let my guard down for two reasons: I was distracted at the time and also I was not purchasing a high dollar item. My total was just over $65. I could smack myself for being careless. As a matter of fact, I usually won't even purchase from a site that does not offer a PayPal option because I don't want to provide my credit card, name, and address information to an online website. I trust PayPal and it is an outrage that they are not protecting their customers from a KNOWN scam artist! If I have to I will report PayPal to the Better Business Bureau and yes, even close out my account with them. Hopefully, they will investigate again and decide that Kelly Mall is a liability and drop them. I think that can go a long way to making sure these losers don't get as much business. I will report back when I have additional feedback from PayPal. Just do not give up on getting your money back! PayPal will work with you but you have to call them directly and talk to a customer service rep.

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