My little run-in with NewsMax escalated from false advertising on their part to them dumping a virus on my computer. I signed up for their free email so I could keep an eye on what the right wingers are planning next. As a result, a NewsMax ad appeared on my Facebook page. It offered a USS Ronald Reagan cap for $2.99. I figured what the heck, I can always use a new hat, so I clicked the link. Instead of being a $2.99 offer, the hat was $24.99. The web page also included a link for a free offer. The offer involved getting a free hat in return for subscribing to their magazine for $39.99.

I wrote NewsMax a letter complaining about their bait-and-switch. They wrote back with an 800 number I could call to receive the advertised offer. I declined and said I didn't trust them (admittedly I was yanking their chain a little). A different person at NewsMax wrote back with a link I could click on to get the $2.99 cap. When I clicked the link the web page opened, my computer froze, and Norton went bonkers. I close the page immediately, then took the necessary steps to quarantine the "Trojan.maljava!gen3" virus NewsMax so thoughtfully sent my way.

In my opinion this goes beyond a misunderstanding or mere deceptive advertising. The lesson seems to be "mess with NewsMax and we'll cut you." I haven't responded to this latest assault because I worry that their next step will be to send Vito to my house to break my legs. People should be aware that these people and their ilk want your money, want your political allegiance, and will seemingly stop at nothing to get them.

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