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Story of Phonetel Technologies Inc. TAMMY L.MARTIN

I buy Canon EOS 5D Mark II 21MP DSLR Camera Cost $1,200Usd from TAMMY L. MARTIN she said Okay We will Begin with the Process of registration Now...But note we will not Ship the Item until the Payment is Transferred and we have verified it.

So We will get back to you with information about Payment and what to do after transferring the payment.

We will Give you Our Company's Payment Information in the Uk, So you will be Transferring the Payment to Our Outlet in the Uk.

If the Payment is Possible today then we can ship the item to you asap.

So now we will give you Our Company's Western Union Payment information Now..

We will give you our company's Western Union Payment Details now.......

Below are the Western Union details needed for the transfer:

Western Union Payment Information:

Receiver's Name: Ericka Campbell
State: ESSEX
Zip Code: RM6 6RT
Country: United Kingdom

Amount: Amount: $1,200Usd

Big Thanks for your email and opinion toward your deal with us ...

I don't Know why you still don't want to Believe that the item is at that Price,the reason we sell at that price is because we Buy directly from the Canon Company Located in Japan, and we Buy our Products in Bulk Unites, so we are been given discount and we sell at Wholesales Price to Our Clients.

Listen to me are assured and guaranteed of Our 100% honesty & Loyalty to this deal,all we need is for us to have a Long and lasting business relationship together, there is no way we are ready to tarnish our company's reputation we have been building so far...

NOTE: you will not need to pay any tax / custom charges anymore because we will be paying all that from our company before the item will be shipped out to you.

We will be shipping the Item to you via FedEx Courier and the delivery time will be just 40 - 48 hours.

There is no problem in the deal and you have to note that Payment must be done before shipment commences because we have to pay the shipping company of your choice and insurance fee to enable the item delivered successfully to your doorstep without any contraction during delivering.

I want to let you no that you are dealing with a perfect and Honest person..These is a legitimate company registered Under Government policy and also, we are monitored under the FBI/cyber crime investigation against any crime.

You are 100% guarantee and risk free and rested assure if receiving your item within 48hrs once the shipment starts and also your tracking number and airway bill we be emailed to you to enable you track the item and know the delivering status.


2 days money return policy( we have a return Money guarantee policy in case you don't like the items delivered to you.)

And also get back to us with the item you want us to add as the 3 free item.

Here is Our Company's Information:

Company Name: Phonetel Technologies Inc
Business Address
Status: Active

Okay If you have Transferred the Money Via Western Union to the
information we have given to you, the All you Need to do is get back
to us with.

The 10 DIGIT MTCN Number

Sender"s Full Name

But after that Please note that you still Need to Follow this Instruction....

Immediately you have made the transfer please ensure that you scan the
copy of the transfer receipt and attach it to a mail to us so that we
can verify the payment online with it and get the item shipped
to you immediately.

So Please We Await your mail with the Scanned Copy of the Western
Union Payment receipt.

Please get back to us asap with the it.

Now we will be able to verify the payment online for immediate
shipping to your doorstep.

But please note we will want you to know that your full shipping
address has already been registered / places for immediate shipping to
your doorstep.

But we also want you to know that FedEx Xourier services cannot ship
out the item to you today because they do not work on Sundays, so the
item will be shipped out to you on Monday Morning as we have planned.

So we will get back to you asap.

Do not Worry Emmanuel...first thing on monday morning we will ship out
the item to you and then get back to you with the shipping / tracking
details so as for you to track your item and know its location.

We will process the delivery as we have told you. So please stop
worrying about anything regarding this deal.

Thanks for your mail and we will keep you posted about the shipping /
delivery details.

Kindest Regards.

Your order has been shipped!

Though we experienced a little difficulty / problems before we were
able to ship the package which prompted us to shipping the package via
a private courier.

So we had to ship with a Private Shipping Courier Company.

But we are still awaiting for the tracking number from the shipping
company, so we will be giving you the tracking number as soon as we
have it tomorrow.

Please bear with us because we wanted to ship via FedEx Courier
Company, but there were too many formalities and to abstain from the
risks of the package being held by international customs or getting
missing on transit as they do not give 100% guarantee for orders
coming to Asia most especially for the orders for Saudi Arabia, Jeddah
city! So we had to ship through a private courier and we had to insure
the package. A copy of the insurance certificate would be issues to
you on request by tomorrow when the Tracking number must have been

So we will get back to you tomorrow with the shipping / tracking
details tomorrow.

Am so so sorry.

The Private shipping company are also as efficent as the likes of
FedEx Courier / DHL .

We will e mail you tomorrow with the details.

AND THIS IS THE BIG PROBLEM NOW The one item i buy is going to.........

We want you to Know that we are so sorry for the delay regarding your Package..

Your Package is already shipped out to you as we E mail you right now, but we are having some little Issues regarding the Package.

Some Items where Added to your order Package and it has already been shippied to you as we Speak ( On Transit to your Address ).

The items added to your Package is as Follows:

1 Unite of Canon EOS 5D Mark ii.....Cost $1,200Usd Paid For.

1 Unite of Canon EOS 7D.....Cost $880Usd

1 Unite of Nikon D90.....Cost $600Usd

1 Unite of Apple iPhone 4S 16GB.... Cost $500Usd

1 Unite of Apple iPad 3 4G WIFI LTE 32GB....Cost $450

Total Cost: $2,430Usd. So you are requested to pay the sum of 50% Cost $1,215Usd of the Total cost.

We urge you to know that by Tuesday or Wednesday you will get your Package if you Comply with us. The reason why you will be getting the item by Tuesday / Wednesday is because we shiped out your item on Sunday Afternoon. But if anymore delays occur, the delivery date will be Shifted.

Am Sorry for the delays in the sending the documents to you...

I Want you to Know that it was Not easy for us getting the documents and that was why we delayed the sending of the documents.

We have the Document ready as of now and we will be Attaching it to you now, i want you to please check Carefully and verify them.

The Shipping of the Items / Package to you took a long time for us to be able to ship it out to you we thought we could be able ship it out on Sunday Morning but it was Not Possible so we had to ship them out on Monday Morning,it will take 2 - 3 Working days before the item can be delivered to you.

Note: You are still short of the remaining balance of $2,430Usd,we told you that you could Pay 50% of the total cost if you do not have the full amount.

Total Cost: $2,430Usd. So you are requested to pay the sum of 50% Cost $1,215Usd of the Total cost.

We also Want you to know that your Package was insured by the Insurance company and we have already paid the total sum of Us$730 from our Company just for the Package to be insured. We have also paid the sum of Us$810 to the Uk Custom Authority for the safe Passage of your Package to be delivered to your doorstep without Any problems or impoundment of your package.

This are the Amounts we have Paid for your Package all Just for the Package to be delivered to you because i have Promised your Mother this.

But i also want you to Know that you have to pay for the remaining of the amount of items Package / Shipped to you.

The Amount / Total Cost of the item is $2,430Usd, but you are required to pay at first just 50% of the total Sum,and the Amount is $1,215Usd

Without you Paying this amount by Latest today or tomorrow Morning am sorry but your Package will be Placed on Hold Pending the time you will respond to us and if you think you could waist time on it not Paying,you will charged more cost for DELAY by the Shipping courier Company.

Listen.....i want you to Know that its Not possible to refund to you the cash you Paid for the Canon EOS 5D Mark ii, Because we have already shipped the item to you and it is designed to get delivered to you if no problem is involved.

Now there is a Little Problem about the deal now and i just got a Call from My Boss this morning that he has instructed the Shipping company to place the item on Hold.

So Now the issue will soon be out of my reach and when that happens well you will find out soon...

My boss have offered to help you with little amount of money so it does not go on too bad, Just tell us how much you can get for this deal and we will tell you how much we will Assist you with..

That is just the only thing and reasonable thing to do regarding your Package, we cannot repackage the item and the Item has been shipped to something about this before my boss Place the item on hold...

Get back to us with the amount of money you can get so we can help you and the items can get delivered to you.

We await your mail..

You don't have a choice just get back to us with How Much you can raise so that we can help you...

Thanks for your mail...

Well i Quite Understand how you feel and the fact that you told us that you do not have any money more with you, i want you to know that if you do not at least do something about this deal my boss will Place your package on hold and that will be bad for you.

I know that you Ordered just the Canon EOS 5D Mark ii from us but there where complications and we are sorry for that, your package is already been shipped to you and if you do not comply am sorry i don't know what might happen.

You have to Listen and relax to think about this properly...

can you Come online on yahoo Messenger now so we can chat better.

We await you..

Hmm....( Thinking ) Well Its Alright i understand you and from your Perspective..

Please i want you to Believe and trust me so that we can settle this issue once and for all...i am 100% with you on this and you have to receive your package as we have planned.

So this is what we will do..we promised you that we where going to help you also with the Problem..We Want you to Know that we wil cover some amount of money and you will also cover for the other part of the remaining balance.

You will pay for 2 items and we will also pay for the Other 2 Items...that will be the deal we offer and i believe its the best deal we can Offer.

You will be paying for this 2 items ,1 Unite of Canon EOS 7D.....Cost $880Usd & 1 Unite of Apple iPad 3 4G WIFI LTE 32GB....Cost $450

Which Cost $1,300Usd

We will help you Pay for this 2 items 1 Unite of Nikon D90.....Cost $600Usd & 1 Unite of Apple iPhone 4S 16GB.... Cost $500Usd

Which Cost $1,100usd.

I think this is a Very good deal we Offer to you and please just trust us on this and let us settle up this issue now..

Please get back to us asap to know if you accept it and when you would be paying for thie item..

We are doing this just for you and your trust / friendship with the company.

Please get back to us asap..

Hmm...Why can't you still get the money? Listen, you can as well go to a friend or family menber to Borrow or you can go to the bank to get a loan and after the items gets to you then you can resell it over there and get more profit to pay back where you would borrow the money from.

i Know it might be kinda not easy for you but if you put your mind and effort on it, you would come out with the money and get this done.this is a good deal for you my friend, i know how much the items in your package cost over there in Jeddah Saudi Arabia.

Listen: if you cannot get it all then just get back to us with the Amount you can & will get...Because that is the main issue regarding your package, i kn ow you are really waiting for the item to get to you so please please please get back to us now with the Amount you can get or Borrow or loan.

We await your mail..

So I PAY ANOTHER MONEY...................

Thanks for your mail..

Okay good to Hear that from you....

Hmmmm....Well that Amount of money is not too good but i will add a Little Amount to it to make it $500Usd,then i will Present it to my boss and i will make sure that the package is delivered to you at your doorstep as planned.

Now you have 900.00 SAR = 239.981 USD.....I will add the sum of $261 Usd to make it complete $500Usd.

But there is a Little Problem because i am Not currently in the Usa right now...i went on a business plan from the Company to West Africa because we want to open a new Outlet over there...

Right now i am E mailling you from my Hotel room in West Africa ( Nigeria ), but i should be back in about 2 days from now.

So i will be giving you a New Payment information so that you can make the payment and i can receive it here and then resend it in full $500usd to my boss and explain it to him about your package.

You Need to send the money to me so i can add the $261 Usd to it and then resend it to my boss so the item can be delivered to your address / doorstep.

Here is the Western Union Money Transfer Payment Details

Receiver's Name: Nurudeen Konibaje

Address: 332 west Avenue road

City: Lagos

State: Lagos

Country: Nigeria

Amount: $239 Usd

The Items i pay from TAMMY L. Martin nothing comes to me.
She said there a another problem she want another money....
That's way i make this report

Country: USA   State: Virginia   City: Arlington   Zip: 22204
Address: 3030 Columbia Pike
Phone: 7039201738

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