I order TWO pairs of new shoes from Kelly-Mall. Then I was informed that they were a fraudulent company that PayPal let prey on its customers without reimbursement for the Kelly-Malls illegal activities (never shipping the goods/bait and switch items, etc).
I immediately opened a dispute with PayPal because of this and ALL of the documented cases of Kelly-Mall ripping off people and PayPal not protecting its customers and letting Kelly-Mall continue to operate with PayPal.

Shortly thereafter I found out my dog had cancer and I needed to euthanize her and this was right around my birthday. To say the least I was thinking straight. Then a tiny parcel showed up at my door that required a signature, I signed and took the parcel inside.

When I opened the parcel and found a RUBBER PENCIL I knew I had been taken by Kelly-Mall. I took photos of the bait and switch item sent to me in lieu of the TWO PAIRS OF SHOES I HAD PAID for and called Canada Post to see if I could undo signature for a delivery, which I could not. I then sealed up the parcel and returned it to sender.

When I went into my PayPal resolution center to say that they had sent me an item of lesser value and not as described and that I returned the item to the seller PayPal wanted the tracking number. By the time PayPal told me they wanted a tracking number the parcel had already been in the mail for a week on its way back to the thieves at Kelly-Mall.

Since the PayPal process is not catered to assisting or protecting PayPal users (like they claim) the non-user friendly process of a dispute would not let me attach photos of the garbage Kelly-Mall sent me, would not take into account how many PayPal customers have been swindled by Kelly-Mall, and since I could not give them a tracking number for returning a 2 CENT RUBBER PENCIL they immediately closed my case and essentially said...screw you, no refund.

If anyone knows of a class-action lawsuit against Kelly-Mall and/or PayPal I would be very interested in signing onto that lawsuit as PayPal protects criminals and lets them swindle people knowingly, and while making a profit at it. Any assistance would help me out.

Cheers and best of luck to everyone.

Country: USA   State: All USA

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