GGSC inc head branch is located in Polish capital, Warszawa. The com

I continue to get emails from various accounts stating the same thing.
From: a b [mailto:[email protected]]
Subject: GGSC inc

GGSC inc head branch is located in Polish capital, Warszawa. The company customers purchase products online using our service(a lot of European customers make orders at US online stores since the a lot of electronics is almost two times cheaper in United States). Your duty is to receive and forward packages from mostly FedEx and UPS to USPS local post office using the instructions and materials that we provide. WPRS inc provides international dispatch and guarantees along with FedEx and UPS discounts. There are no investments from the courier employee, company provides all the needed facilities. Starting salary is $60 per each received and sent package($1500 is minimum monthly amount which does not depend on the amount of work you have, also the salary can be bigger). We are looking forward to see you among our employees. The contract agreement is attached and is needed to be filled and sent back to our email address. Also, email us the following information to get started
-full name
-correct shipping(street) address
-your phone number(better if several)

Thank you,
Alexsiy Birish
GGSC inc company manager

Country: USA   State: All USA

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