U.S. Safety Inc.

I went in for what I thought was a personal interview for a management position. They hustled me into a meeting room with four other women dressed to impress. A butch lady told me where I should re-seat myself because I was in the way of what would be a presentation from Lisa. Lisa walks in the room like she owns the place and quickly puts on a old video about fires, statistics on how many people die a year from fires, and how dangerous they are. She comes back and gives a quick speech on the products; smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and flame retardant product. Then a quick demonstration of her product. We all had personal interviews and I felt really sized up by the interviewer. She tells me I have the job and how do I want to pay for my criminal background check of $75. I said I could drop it by tomorrow, which i did. I feel like such an idiot now. I was told to bring an additional $99 for training material on Friday for training. What a joke! Now I've read all these complaints and feel real duped! I am not one to fall for this BS but they really are good! They even told me I'd have full benefits medical and dental. They ask you to sign a form including my social security number and signature. If I were you I'd keep a very close eye on your credit report this month and near future. They could be committing identity fraud easily! San Fernando Valley is number 1 in Identity theft in the nation. Make sure to check your credit report if you fell for this! I can't believe these pathetic people! What creeps! Don't believe them or fall for their (Inappropriate Content Removed)!

Country: USA   State: California   City: Van Nuys   Zip: 91406
Address: 16461 Sherman Way, #170A
Phone: 8187879628
Site: ussafetyinc.net

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