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This is a letter I recently sent to the CEO of Mitsubishi TV.

Dear Mr Morisada,

I am writing to write my extreme displeasure with a purchase of a KWD-82840 television I purchased on December 22, 2011 and received delivery of shortly after the new year of 2012. Upon delivery in early January 2012, this television has never worked. It is now March and I have been going back and forth with your customer service department since then. Also, the primary reason I purchased the new Mitsubishi television was to enjoy the NFL playoffs and Super bowl with friends and family in my entertainment room. My family and friends love that I usually have a wonderful entertainment set up for such events as the super bowl, but obviously this did not work out as planned. I would also like to mention I am an A/V hobbyist and have a Sharp Aquos in my office, and 5 Sony Bravia televisions throughout my home. Prior to purchasing your Mitsubishi I had a 60” Sony SXRD I purchased in 2006 for my entertainment room which still worked great but I wanted an upgrade in size. I chose the Mitsubishi over the new Sharp 80” LCD screen and it is proving to be one of the biggest mistakes I have made in a long time.

Upon receiving the television I got a constant blinking green light and the television would not power on. I spent a solid day troubleshooting from tips in your owners manuel and nothing worked. I called your customer service several times and finally spoke to someone who said he “definitely knows the problem” and it was a bad “main unit”. He said he would ship one to a service center and they will contact me. Well, about 3 weeks later a tech finally came to my home (as I had to take a day off work) and took the television apart and replaced the main unit and they said it wasn’t the problem. The tech then went on to say the problem was a bad “optical engine” and I should call Mitsubishi and have one sent to them. I then spent several hours on the phone with some customer service reps and after an arduous time on the phone, I finally got someone who said they will send a new “optical engine” out to the tech working on the television. I asked for this to be expedited as it was now nearing the end of January and the Super Bowl was on the horizon. Of course, this didn’t happen, and a few weeks later in early February the tech came to my home with a new “optical engine” (had to take another day off work). After an hour or two working on the television he said that the “optical engine” wasn’t the problem and that he “thinks” it might be the panel in the front of the television malfunctioning. The tech went on to say to call Mitsubishi and have a “front panel” sent to them. I then proceeded to spend another few hours going back and forth with several people on the phone until one of the reps was actually “chuckling” at this situation going on so long and would send the part out not knowing if it was the actual problem of the television.

A few weeks later I had not heard anything and I called the tech that was working on television and he said they had not received any part from Mitsubishi. I was irate and called Mitsubishi up a few days ago and the rep apologized and I asked to speak to a manager (which they said couldn’t locate…guess someone is more important than a customer). They gave me the same speech that they had given me month prior that “someone is working on my case” and would get back to me in a business day. Well, that was Tuesday February 28, and as of this morning, Friday March 2nd, I did not hear back from anyone.

This morning I put another call in to Mitsubishi and the rep read from her same script saying she would look into it and now someone would get back to me in “2 business days”. I lost my composure and told her how disappointing it is to be treated this way after spending several thousand dollars on a television that has never worked. It is seemingly a lemon and rather than just make the situation right, I have been getting the runaround going on three months.

Interesting in that about a year ago I bought a 55” Sony Bravia that wasn’t working properly and Sony literally sent me new one 3 days later, took the old one back and apologized profusely. I am very disappointed I didn’t buy a Sharp or Sony, whom I have had very good customer experiences with. I am learning the hard way what companies stand by their products and which clearly don’t.

I am also in medical sales, and I deal with a lot of customers daily in the field (doctors, pharmacists, administrators) in the New York, and Connecticut area. Most of these customers, as well as family and friends, know I am an A/V hobbyist and we always discuss the latest devices on the market. I have told everyone one in my sphere at how horrific this experience was and that they should avoid Mitsubishi at all costs.

I know I am just one customer out of thousands, but I thought you should know about my situation. If I am being treated this way, how many other customers are being treated like this or worse?


Daniel R. Beany

Country: USA   State: California   City: Irvine   Zip: 92618-1904
Address: 9351 Jeronimo Road
Phone: 8003322119

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