I submitted my resume in response to a job posting on Craigslist and got an immediate reply saying that I was a finalist for the job. They then wanted me to click on a link to obtain a credit report. I knew this was a scam so I didn't do it. Here is the exact email I received:


We have reviewed over 15 applications and we have narrowed our selection down to five. Good news, You are one of the applicants we would like to interview by the end of next week!

Qualifications: Excellent written and oral communication skills to perform general administrative duties including answering phones and taking messages, preparing mailings, and ordering supplies. We will give more specific details at the interview.
Hours: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Pay: $13 - $16 an hour
Benefits Package: Medical, dental, disability/life insurance, flex medical spending plan, vacation/sick days and 401K

The position will require you to work in a high financial environment so it's our corporate policy that we do a financial verification check on all employees to verify applicant registration info. Its corporate policy that we have applicants sent through our link so we are compliant with the U.S employment standards act. Please copy and paste this link into your browser and complete the free report now:

Fill out the form and indicate that you want the free report. PLEASE DO NOT email us your report. Instead print it out and bring a copy to the interview as we will need to have it on file. Since this is just a pre-screen formality your actual score will not affect your chances of being hired. Please take a few minutes to do this now.

After completing the score report please reply stating:
-The best time for us to hold the interview. Morning (8-12) or evening (1-5)
-The account reference number you received after you completed the credit check (we will cross-check with our records at the interview).

I will call and confirm your interview upon completion of the above.

Elizabeth Taylor
Human Resources

Clues that this is a scam: 1) the qualifications, description, pay and hours for the position listed in the email is not the same information that was in the job ad 2) credit checks for jobs are never done in the pre-hiring phase, only after hiring if at all 3) there is no "US Employment Standards Act"--there is such a thing as an Employment Standards Act but it is in Canada. 4) signed by "Elizabeth Taylor"? come on! 5) numerous punctuation errors 6) I tried to go to and got a page with nothing but a 0 on it.

I checked this forum and someone else received a very similar letter, signed "Alex Hamilton." Very clearly a scam. Don't be taken in--never give financial information or your SSN over email. They are preying on unemployed people--I expect it will only get you into more and more trouble!

Country: USA   State: All USA

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