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I live in Canada, so when my NeuScience free trial products arrived, I tried them for one day, discovered I really disliked the products and so I called to find out how to return the items as there was no return information or any literature about the terms and agreement of sale. Imagine my surprise when "Amy" tried to tell my trial period had already expired! I told her that I didn't get my products as quickly as they probably expected because I lived in Canada, and there was no way they were going to charge me over $98.00 for products I did not like and was going to send back within 24 hours of receiving them. All the while, her accent made the communication difficult, only adding to the frustration and anxiety as I couldn't be sure I was able to understand what I was required to do. However, I perservered and made sure to write everything down and repeat everything back to her for confirmation purposes. Of course, I am now required to send the products back at my own cost, which with tracking charges will cost me $20.00. I had already paid $10.00 to have the sent in the first place. My shipping costs have totaled over $30.00 alone. Amy said I could keep the toner as a "free gift." I couldn't care less about the toner but figured it might reduce the shipping costs to leave it out of the return package, plus, it had leaked when it was shipped to me. If they don't credit my account for the $98.00 I will bring action against them. In the meantime, I am going to every website I know to warn others about this scam. Thanks very much for this website.

Country: USA   State: California   Zip: 90066
Address: 12228 Venice Blvd.
Phone: 8008952698

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