One Stop Motors dba OSM Direct, OSM Advertising, OneStopMotors.Com

The likelihood of One Stop Motors selling your car is slim to none. This company is a total fraud. Allow me to rundown the scenario for you. They will find you from your craigslist ad where you selected NOT to be contacted by other services. An aggressive salesperson will promise the world while convincing you they will sell your car in 30 days or less. You can kiss you money good-bye after you give them your credit card. The advertising they promised to provide within 24-hours will take 4 -10 weeks to place and you will make countless calls to a customer service department that has nothing to offer but a line of rehearsed excuses. You will soon realize that the 50 websites they promised to advertise your car is actually 10-20 FREE websites that you could have easily placed your own ad without paying $499. To add insult to injury, you discover that EBay Motors is FREE for local listings for 1-6 vehicles or a max of $125 for a SUCCESSFUL BID LISTING (to be paid after the car has sold). Looking to find SOME value for your $499, you discover during an online search of your vehicle that that the “key or search word optimization” that your salesman claimed to be the crème de la crème does not display your car on the first, second or even third page of any popular search engine AND you’re finding it almost impossible to locate your vehicle on the One Stop Motors website. Feeling completely duped, you try to get a hold of your salesman, but he never returns your calls. About this time you try customer service again and ask to speak with a manager, but despite your many attempts he/she is NEVER available. Your now approaching your 30 day mark and you become increasingly angry because you’ve never receive a single call or inquiry about your car. You threaten to dispute the charges on your credit card, so customer service implements their “hush tactic” and offers you another week of EBay Motors advertising at no extra charge. Still not satisfied, you follow through on your threat to dispute the charges to your card. You receive an almost immediate credit, but the card is charged again after One Stop Motors shows low-grade photocopies printed from FREE websites as “proof” that they advertised your car. By the time this chain of events comes to pass, you will find yourself reading hundreds of complaints on the internet with high hopes of stumbling onto a class-action suit. Your money is now gone, you car hasn’t sold and your only recourse is to publish your own story along with the hundreds of other consumers that have been SCAMMED by One Stop Motors.

Country: USA   State: Nevada   City: Las Vegas   Zip: 89102
Address: 2950 South Rancho Ste 200
Phone: 8775666686

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