I met a man on an online dating service called Tagged.com, and he went by the name of Chris Charles. This was on 2-5-12 that we first started chatting and it continued on a daily basis. The very next day he told me that he loved me and had to have me in his life. He said he had to leave for Africa on 2-7-12 to finish up a building project that he had started over there and he said he would be returning in 2 weeks. While he was there he was able to chat with me online and he would call me on a number that I researched and found out that it was a Nigerian romance scam number. The number that he was calling from was 011-234-802-702-8221 which is the number that showed up while I was researching. He claimed that part of the building collapsed due to heavy rain and that 3 of his workers were injured and hospitalized so therefore he had to pay out $10,500.00 to the hospital. And then it just became one thing after another that he needed more money for and I and my dad actually believed him and kept sending him money to get home back to the states. He claimed he resided in Bronx, NY. He claimed he wanted to marry me and for me to be a mother to his 9 year old daughter and that they would relocate to my residence in TN. He sent me several photos (2 of which were of his so called daughter). He claims this number is from a cell phone he bought while in Nigeria but obviously that's a lie. He is still trying to get us to send him more money which we have since stopped and he's getting really mad about it and saying that I doubt his love for me and how he's "crying all days" because of this. I live on a disability check of $700.00 a month and he's wanting me to send it all to him so he can get home. And everytime I ask him to send me some kind of proof that he is who he claims, he gets mad again or he won't answer me. If I ask him how much money he has on him he won't answer. He avoids almost all questions, acts like he's so in love with me and can't live without me. I don't know what to do about this situation and I need help from someone. So if possible could someone please help me and my family to maybe recover some if not all of the money we have sent this joker??? Please help!!

Country: USA   State: All USA

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