well my farther received a message saying he won a contest and he on accident pressed ok. The message was sent to the people we believe to be the scammers. My farther is not a bad man so he believed the message and the call was transfered to another counrty. The conuntry was Gutemala and then a spokesman started to tell him that he was picked as the winner of thier contest and my farther believed them. Thats when the scammed started to happen. They filled his head sadly to say with these false hopes saying he won $65,000 dollares and a new car. My farther was not born in this counrty and he moved here a long time ago. He is a U.S citizen. They asked him to send money over so he would be able to claim so he sent ouver $6,000 dollares or more. Now they say that everything is fine and that he should receive his money soon and this new car he won. Now they have a website with his name and he is really scared because he spent all his money and now we have none and he regerts falling into thier trap he is scared

Country: USA   State: All USA

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