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A young man came to our door talking very fast. He said he was selling books to give to under privileged kids. Generally I spot a scam right away, but he was smooth. He had a million details like he got points for every sell and he would have won a trip to Italy. He asked us our profession and when we said we were going back to school he said he got extra point for students. He then asked for our phone number so his boss could call us. He said the books were $1.40 a piece. So I pulled out $5.00. He then said it was a set of books and the total, with shipping, was $55.00. I was in a hurry to get out the door so I thought it was for a good cause and pulled out my check book. A red flag came up when he said my neighbor bought two sets one for a boy and one for a girl. I wasn't going to do that. He then said don't tell my neighbor about this since they bought two sets and I only bought one. That nagged the back of my mind as I was running my errands. I got back late so didn't research it until today. I realized it was a scam and put a stop payment on my check, which cost $30.00. I also signed the back of my receipt and I'm going to mail it to them to cancel the order. I think that is a scam as well as I went to their website with my receipt number and they said there was no such receipt. So I'm out $30.00 dollars.

Country: USA   State: ACT   City: MAWSON   Zip: 2606
Address: PO Box 6066
Phone: 8664966638

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