Wow, like all the other reports, I've been sucked into the vortex! Promised $3000 discount off a wonderful holiday package. I rang an Auckland (N.Z.) number, skeptical but curious. Got an American lady, Kim Smith, who told me all the wonderful things in this package, including trip to Bahamas, and an optional (free!) trip to Mexico or Los Vegas. Said I had 18 months to decide when I wanted to go, but they would need 45 days advance notice when I wanted to book. Was told how to open up on the itinerary to see the deals with the $3000 discount, leaving the $898.00 to pay. Kim told me to wait on the line until I got my customer I.D.number. Gene Persson came on the phone, and wanted my credit card details, which I didn't want to give. Gut feeling told me not to, but head got carried away! When I said I didn't want to and couldn't pay now, he put pressure on, saying the deal was for "today only". "You have to give your credit card details to have the deal." I unfortunately gave him my details, but said I want to pay later. He said the debit had already gone through. I told him to cancel. "You can't do that now. After LONG dialogue,and getting quite upset with him, he finally said he would cancel my booking. But in the meantime 3 debits have shown up on my bank statement. I immediately rang my bank, and they have had to block my card. They told me to report to police as this looked like a scam. Police "couldn't do anything" because I "willingly" gave my details. But my bank said they will put a dispute claim through when the debits are actioned. Today I rang Gene Persson phone 001 407 2603620 E#xt 1026, to ask what his "cancellation" meant, as the debits had gone through. He said the debits had been refunded. I got the reference numbers, or reader sequence numbers for each debit amount to pass on to my bank, should there be further delays. Gene said my refund should show on the bottom of the website So folks, dig your toes in, jump up and down, check with your bank, and pray you'll get your money back, like I am praying!. And - go by your gut feeling that these advertisements are scam!

Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Naples   Zip: 34102
Address: 1443 Marlin
Phone: 2398219046

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