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Ordered a 30 day Trial of products on the 1st January 2012. Received the Products during the first week of February. Checked my Credit card bill and found that I had been billed introductry prices of $3.21 and $5.40 on the 1st Jan 2012 and then billed again on the 18th and 20th January for $95.25 and $88.07 respectively. When I received my Credit Card Statement I then found that I had been billed again on the 2nd and 4th February for $99.03 and $90.85 respectively. I finally got the time to ring them during their office hours today the 29th February and advised them that I wished to cancel the standing order as I did not wish to have these pills. I also advised that I did not receive them until the first week in February and wanted to return them. I was then told that I could not return them as my 17 day trial period had expired. I said it was a 30 day trial. I also then advised that I had been billed a further two times for the pills and was told that the billing which occured in Mid January was due to the fact that I had not sent them back and the free trail period was over and had to pay for the introductry bottles. I then asked about the billing that occured in February and was told that the 2nd lot had been shipped and that customs may be holding them which is why I have not received them. I asked if I could return them and was told that I would not get a refund but that my account has now been cancelled so should not be billed further but this remains to be seen! In effect I believe I have been billed for 3 sets of pills the introductry offer plus two more even though they claim the billing in mid January is for the introductry bottles.

Country: USA   State: Arizona   City: Chandler   Zip: 85244
Address: 101 North Colorado Street, #937
Phone: 8885343591

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