Miller & Spencer.

I don't know if this is something you deal with, but I get a lot of Scam mail, most of it is from The Netherlands, but this one is more serious in my opinion, someone is supposed to have died,and in his will he has left me with $50,478.41, and all I have to pay is $60.00, I normally throw them in the Bin, butt his one, I feel may trick a lot of People, and it should not be very difficult to find this one as the address, where to send the money is on the Envelope, I would like them to be stopped, but don't know who to contact,so if you can't help, do you know someone who may take it up and do something about it, the address on the Envelope is: FTI PO Box_ 1380 AK Weesp The Netherlands.

Country: USA   State: Netherlands   City: DJ Heerlen   Zip: 6401
Address: P.O Box 2870

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