I signed up to what I thought was a FREE trial with nutrascience.

I recieved a bottle of tablets and a pack of patches but no literature on the tablets or their prices. I assumed the patches were a free trial also as I had never even heard of them before!!

I found the tablets did not work and when I recieved a second supply (with information regarding their extortionate prices) I called the customer service team. I was informed that £79.95 had been taken from my account and after much arguing with the customer service team regarding the lack of information on price and terms they agreed to refund this money (except the cost of postage) for the supply. They led me to believe that the £79.95 was the only charge that had been made and was for both bottles of tablets (including the not so free trial!). At no point was I informed during this call that the £79.95 was actually for the slim patches and tablets.

When I checked my bank account and realised that a further £75.00 had been taken from account I called the company again.

I was then informed that I was charged £75.00 for the first order of tablets and patches (the tablets I was led to believe were a free trial and the patches I had no idea about) and an additional £79.95 for the second order.

I was told it was my fault and they would not refund the money to me for returning the 'trial' products as I was aparantly outside the terms of the agreement. I did point out the lack of customer service and information and was continued to be told that it was my fault. I asked to speak to the manager and was told that he wasn't available and was very busy. I asked when I could get hold of him to be told that they didn't know. They would not provide me withan email address or pass a message for him to call me. Instead I have been given an address in USA (I live in the UK) to complain. To say I'm utterly miffed is an understatement. Thiscompany is completely misleading and dont advertise their extortinate prices. I have checked the website today and still there is no clear information regarding pricing and their not so free trial!

Country: USA   State: All USA
Phone: 08447451722

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