BioSlim African Mango / BioCleanse

I saw an ad for a "free trial" of the BioSlim African Mango dietary supplements and BioCleanse supplements. It was meant to be a free 30 day trial of the supplements and then full payment was to be deducted after this. On 2/2/12, the day I ordered the supplements (BioSlim African Mango AND the BioCleanse), "ADVMETABILL8552562876 8552562876" and "EXTMANGOBILL8885920238 8885920238" charged my credit card with $3.16 USD x2 for the postage of the products. 17 days later, they charged my credit card with the full price of the products when I had not even received any products to actually TRIAL! How can one trial a product when they have not received it to see if it works?? I was charged $98.90 USD for the African Mango supplements on the 17th of February (2012) and $88.50 USD on the 19th of February. When looking into my account for the merchant's details, instead of giving me actual merchant details, I was linked to the above details and multitudes of scam reports, such as the one I am writing. This company is fraudulent and advertises falsely to lure people in, charging customer credit cards without permission!

Country: USA   State: Arizona   City: Chandler   Zip: 85244
Address: 101 North Colorado Street, #937
Phone: 8885343591

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