Aqua Lift Vita Derm Collagen

I sent in a receive a sample of kollagen and soon I received sample for aqualift vita derm kollagen Gen 20 this whole trail perid has now costed me $349.91 I've e-mailed with a letter generated saying I can't return the items because of 14 days to try and respond, that is crazy how can someone actually get the product try even for 5 days and return. Then I have been seeing more and more product from the other companies involved. All of these are under an umbrella and hard to catch. When I finally got though to a live person nameds Shawn he was deffensive from the beginning. I told him I just wanted a cancellation# so no more would come out of my acct., how dumb can I be, I then asked for my memeber# he gave it to me. And I said I wanted to continue to speak to him more about the company and the product he had nothing to do with me and hung up. I called 10 minutes later and jade answered and gave me the same crap and hung up on me again. They not only take your money but they should all be shot down. How can this bait and swith work. As I looked at me account I saw the same phone # for each one. I then looked harder and saw that the operation runs in BC in Canada named Leading edge health same phone number 1-866-269-1550 I will sign and go with others if you want to sue. I'm sure that the Canadian law may be different. But get the word out to the better bussiness burea, and complain and call customer service, tape record there response and stay calm if they hear anything like Shawn said that I was being rude and then hangs up you really get a feel for this said senrio. Sign up with me on getting our money back, besides all of this my mental has been affective and I thought I was having a heart attack with the deductions out of my account and in which I was dealt. Another said part is my face breaks out from the collegan, the vitimins give me severe stomach cramps and the eye serum makes bumps apear under my eyes.

I want my money back and have these people get low and dirty with the kind of money they are taking from the unknowing custommer.


Country: USA   State: Utah   City: Salt Lake City
Address: PO Box 30816
Phone: 8774981950

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