Fastway Towing & Recovery, INC.

We have a very similar incident from tonight, 12/28/2011 at 7:00PM.
I drove to the Elmhurst NY Supermarket at 8266 Broadway, and upon entering the parking lot, I dropped off my wife to the supermarket so she could get some initial shopping done, and told her to meet me at the Vietnamese restaurant for some food after. So I proceeded to wait until a space cleared up. As soon as it did, I parked, and I ran out of the premise to the HSBC next door to get some money (the viet restaurant does not take credit card). Note, the whole time, my wife was shopping for food at the supermarket, small food store, and she was going to meet me at the restaurant after I parked and got money.
However, after I got the money from the ATM, which was maybe 5-10 minutes at MOST, and returned to the parking lot to head to the restaurant, my car was already on the tow truck and almost out the parking lot. WOW, they must have been hawking over the lot if they were able to get my car all hooked up and almost out of the parking lot in that short amount of time.
I immediately confronted them and asked what was going on. They explained to me that the "customer" has to be in the premise in order to use the space and once they leave, they get towed. I told them that my WIFE was in the supermarket the whole time, and then went to the restaurant right after. They immediately rebutted, and accused me of lying, and that I was ALONE when I parked, and I went to the ATM, so no one was on premise. I THEN told them I was not lying and ushered one of the goons to the restaurant, and showed them my wife. Then THEN proceeded to accuse me that my wife did not come with me in the car, and that she came by other means of transportation.
I asked them for proof on camera (which they said they had) that they saw I was alone. They said they did not need to show me. I said my wife has a receipt that she bought some food at a store there. They dismissed all of that evidence, and at the same time failed to show me theirs.
Well then I called the cops, but ended up flagging a cop from the streets to address this injustice. At the end of all this, it was basically their word vs. ours. That, i believe is unbelieveable. It's not the money at this point, but the principle, and that these scumbags are preying on people like us, and are able to get away with it! All this time, the big burly guy operating the tow truck was trying to push me to the side when I refused to let him get into "MY" car, and was trying to pry open the door even when I told him "I" would open it.
Something needs to be done to this company, and it's unscrupulous workers.

Country: USA   State: New York   City: Brooklyn   Zip: 11222
Address: 193 Banker Street
Phone: 7183893220

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