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Do not be fooled by this scam... it is illegal! And can get you in a lot of trouble.

Roughly on November 1, 2011, I received an email from Pamela Galante, a "project manager" from Vanguard Logistics stating that they had found my resume and wanted to know if I wanted to become a "part-time" shipping manager. I was a bit apprehensive about this sort of contact, but I looked up Vanguard Logistics, they are a very well-known shipping company, so I proceeded to the website provided in the application. I read what was on there, and it seemed legit.

Here is the email I received:


Vanguard Logistics Company is looking for new candidates for the shipping manager position.

We are the world's largest global transportation company, operating in more than 18 countries and territories and employing 200 people worldwide.

Most Internet auctions and stores in the US do not ship the products
overseas. As the result thousands of customers in Europe and Asia are not able to access the large market and purchase high-quality merchandise at so low prices. Our service is in the ever-growing demand. Today we have more then 80 merchandise managers on the territory of the United States and Canada but quantity of our customers increases and we plan to expand.

As a part-time employee, you'll have access to the following benefits:
- $3,100 per month
- You need 8-10 hours free during the week, not more
- $38,000 per year
- Free UPS shipping
- Comprehensive medical and life insurance for you and your dependents
- Monthly paychecks
- Direct deposit
- Set work schedule
- And more others benefits, which you can find on our web site or call to our Careers Center!

You can find more information about this position and our company and apply for the job at the web site:

Best Regards, Pamela Galante,
Project Manager, Vanguard Logistics Company


After applying, I promptly received an email from Linda Thompson ( who said she was going to be my "shipping manager". She said that I was going to receive packages from individuals and that she would provide me with the shipping labels; she further stated that the contents would range from apparel to electronics, and various other goods. All I had to do was ship them out to overseas locations, and I would be paid via PayPal between the 2nd and 4th of each month. She said that there would be alternate names being shipped to my address, but that was part oft the normal process.

When the first package arrived the shipping label "Linda" sent was to an address in Russia. I immediately became concerned because there was no real way to verify the contents of what I was really shipping. I contacted Linda and she said I could open the packages and verify, but that it was not necessary. I opened it up, and it was indeed a pair of Uggs boots. I further inspected, and found nothing out of the ordinary (there was even a legit receipt from Dillards), so I shipped the package off. At first I thought their might be a problem at the post office, as in they might have said I needed to pay further postage. This was not the case, and the package was sent off.

"Linda" sent me seven other packages ranging from digital cameras to Lego sets; everything checked out fine (all with legit receipts), so it solidified for me that there was nothing suspect about the job. On the 2nd of December (a Friday, roughly one month after starting), "Linda" told me that I was to receive two packages; they never came, so I emailed "Linda" to let her know there was a delay. I did not hear back from her, so I emailed her two more times. On the 5th of December (Monday), I decided to go back to the Vanguard site and see if I could find an HR number, and to my surprise the website was no longer valid.

I immediately got a sinking feeling, and started to do a search with her email address (, which I found out on this website had been reported to be a spoofed email address. I did not hesitate, and I reported the crime to

I kept every email, original shipping labels, shipping confirmations, and any other paperwork, and I will be handing it all over to my local police department tomorrow.

DO NOT BE DUPED!! This is an illegal scam, and it looks as if this group is using stolen credit cards to by goods, and have innocent people send off their stolen items.

Country: USA   State: All USA

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