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iLender deposits $0.05 into my charities bank account then a ACH draft of $99.00 was taken from the Charities bank account. $0.01x 3 different times with $34.00 overdraft fee to each draft of $0.01.

Because of the fact of the matter is this is a recognized charity you stole from that has only kept a certain amount into account to cover its overhead. This was until it was properly funded.

Hello there is no millions or billions in this account that in turn has caught you immediately! Now these companies have put this noble and good cause in distress.

What is so maddening about this discovery is the fact that I had seen this fake check that was made out by Premier Membership Clubs (EP) and it had my own personal name on the check with some fake out of state bogus address that has no association with me personally nor my charities bank account.

Guess what people in iLender and Premier Membership Clubs your busted for a felony fraud, Forgery, and what ever else I can file against you for taking out of my charitable organizations bank account.

We're going to shut you down and put you where you belong in Jail. I'm also Reporting this to the attorney generals office and Federal Bureau of Investigations. I guess this is one way to catch a fraudulent crook.

Also the the 1-888-475-9335 number that's on the bank statement is a bogus number too. You messed with the wrong company and founder and I am charging you for every minute I spend to seek Justice against you. My fee to you is Priceless for the fact of the matter is you just stole from a charities bank account. How is it that you have my charities bank information and personal information? I will see you in court!!

Country: USA   State: Oregon   City: Portland   Zip: 97208-4120
Address: P.O. Box 4120
Phone: 8183805710

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