Saxon Mortgage/Wells Fargo

Sole Duree from Saxon who has been assigned to research this issue. There are several issues that arise from this letter.
1) (Per attachment on pages 1) From this letter it states: "The servicer is the party with decision making authority for matters concerning loan assumptions, modifications and foreclosure." That being the case, we have petitioned Saxon for over 7 years to modify this loan for which they stated "we were unable to accommodate the request for loan modification under the
terms of the documents governing this loan (see page 9.)" So who has the authority, if both entities don't know then who? According to the paperwork sent on December 10, 2009 Saxon has been the servicer since July 5, 2005. If that is the case (see attached,) then SAXON should have modified the loan. Additionally, how is it that if they have taken over the loan as in a car-if you can collect you are liable for ALL issues with the loan. Saxon and the other entities involved have been selective in taking ownership for this
loan. They want to collect but not recognize the fraudulent issues (see attached Forensic Audit) that surrounded this loan. They became LIABLE as of July 5, 2005 when they took over the loan (see attachments.) To constantly tell us to take any issues up with Freemont who originated the loan who they full well know is out of business and has been out of business since 2005 is insulting and absurd. In the meantime this 7 1/2 year battle has destroyed our credit, our livelihood, our health and family have had to suffer while they continue to deny us modification request after modification request. Yet report us as defaulted, take us to civil court because the trustees at Wells Fargo were upset that the servicer Saxon tried to do a work out with us. Additionally,
the Servicer made an agreement with us, and stopped the foreclosure proceedings. However, Wells Fargo trustees refuse to take the legal fees for the foreclosures off the loan which is why the arrearages are so high. We could have had this loan back on point several years ago had they done that.

Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Fort Worth   Zip: 76161-1489
Address: 4718 Mercantile Drive
Phone: 8176657200,8005948422,8178522300

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