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When we decided to replace our kitchen early in 2010 we looked at quite a few showrooms and finally were trying to decide between two companies on our short list: Scullery and Holz Interiors P/L in Willoughby and Mobalpa Kitchens in Drummoyne. Stefan Mayer, the owner of Scullery & Holz Interiors P/L was most attentive to all our enquiries and promptly provided us with a complete set of drawings for the proposed kitchen. Our telephone calls were answered immediately and upon making changes to the plans Stefan Mayer immediately produced a new set of drawings ( on four occasions). Sadly, this early attention to our calls and enquiries prompted us to sign a contract with Stefan Mayer of Scullery & Holz Interiors P/L.

Our experience with this company has been a nightmare. We signed a contract with Stefan Mayer of Scullery and Holz Interiors P/L on 30 June 2010 for a kitchen which was scheduled to start at end August 2010 and be completed within eight weeks. This company took a deposit of $11,000.00 and then failed to perform. Once the deposit was paid, Stefan Mayer was virtually impossible to contact.

Scullery and Holz failed to provide us with Home Warranty Insurance, they failed to engage licensed tradesperson's and they failed to keep their promise to complete the kitchen on four occasions: 26th October 2010; 20th November 2010 and 20th December 2010 and 24th January 2011. They did not start the job until mid October and did not order the cabinetry until mid November 2010. They failed to pay the cabinet maker- Lovely Kitchens prior to expecting them to allow for pickup. We got delivery of the cabinetry on 7th December 2010 by going to Lovely Kitchens ourselves and paying Scullery & Holz in advance at the factory. There were numerous design faults that Scullery & Holz were unable to fix themselves. One week after delivery of the cabinetry they commenced instalation. Their installer then walked off the job on the 18th December. On 20th December they promised to finish the kitchen by 24th January 2011. Scullery & Holz closed for the Christmas holidays on 23th December 2010 sending us an e-mail instructing us to immediately pay the balance of the contract price to their bench top supplier before they would start our bench tops.
Had we done this we would have paid the full amount of the contract price to Scullery & Holz. We would have had a kitchen that was not even correctly installed, with cabinetry and fittings in disarray and that were not according to our requirements, without bench tops, without appliances installed and connected and cabinetry unpainted. In the end they virtually abandoned the job and it was then finished by Lovely Kitchens costing us an additional $11,900.00 over and above the contract price. Scullery and Holz failed to keep their promise to reimburse us for any amounts we paid Lovely Kitchens to finish the job they could not complete themselves. We were without a kitchen from mid September 2010 until 24th February 2011.
This has been a most traumatic and costly experience - an absolute nightmare.

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